"It is easier to raise strong children than it is to repair broken men"

                                                                              - Frederick Douglas


To participate in this compilation you must be 35 & up.

I need women from varying backgrounds sharing stories from varying subject matters - 

your truths & lessons u feel most compelled to pass on.

I want your BEST one liners! 

Your perspective & personal stories on matters such as success, pain, marriage, love, faith, men, money, children, aging--YOU name it. Your stories can be as short as a simple phrase or as long as a short story.

This is for OUR daughters, nieces, god-daughters, granddaughters, or any woman you feel can benefit from these profound words of wisdom being shared.  Leaving your honest & candid experiences and lessons you’ve gathered along the way allows your legacy to live on!

Below are some Sub-Title examples.  Feel free to use to perhaps inspire your stories & quotes! 
“Quick life lessons”
"Soul Wisdom”
“Mama Says...”
“Bess' Listen Wisdom” 
“Gems & Pearls” 
"Yep, I said it" 

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Upon completion please email “stories” to

 Include name, age, and occupation.  Anonymity is also an option.